Faculty of Management and Accounting



The Faculty of Management and Accounting is the largest faculty in the College of Farabi (This College has a history of more than half a century of academic activity, which has been formed since 1970 as the College of Judicial and Administrative Affairs.) - University of Tehran in terms of the number of offered courses and enrolled students. The faculty has been upgraded from "Department" to "Faculty" since 2004 with the expansion of management courses. The current building of the faculty was inaugurated and put into operation in 2014. The faculty currently has 35 Courses and majors, 38 faculty members, over 1800 students, and more than 16,500 graduates.



Dean of the Faculty


Dr. Hassan Zarei Matin

2016 so far

Dr. Hossein Khanifar


Dr. Gholamreza Jandaghi


Dr. Seyed Mohammad Moghimi





The structure of the Faculty of Management and Accounting is as below.




Some of the facilities of the Faculty of Management and Accounting are:

  • Ayatollah Hakim Meeting Hall

  • Dr. Seyed Mehdi Alwani Defense Hall

  • Computer room

  • 40 classrooms


The most important activities performed in recent years in the Faculty of Management and Accounting are as follows:

  • Holding 2 National Conferences on "Social Capital"

  • Planning for the First International Conference on "Social Capital and Resiliency"

  • Holding 5 National Festivals on the topic of "From Idea to the Market"

  • Holding the 17th National Accounting Conference

  • Celebrating Accountant Day

  • Holding a series of scientific meetings and seminars, especially webinars during the outbreak of corona virus

  • Carrying out more than 100 applied research projects requested by public and private organizations



Research centers

  • Social capital center

  • Smart city center



Honors and titles earned by the faculty members:

  • Introducing Dr. Gholamreza Jandaghi as a top researcher of the University of Tehran in 2011

  • Introduction of Dr. Hassan Zarei Matin and Dr. Hamidreza Yazdani as the most cited professors in the field of management science in Iran by the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC)

  • Introducing Dr. Amin Faraji, as a young researcher in the 29th University of Tehran Research Festival in 2020

  • Introducing Dr. Hamidreza Yazdani as the top researcher of Qom province in 2020

  • Introducing Dr. Seyed Mohamamdbagher Jafari and Dr. Mohammad Reza Fathi as the top researchers of Qom province in 2019